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Consumers should be able to rely on the safety and reliability of the products they purchase on the open market. Unfortunately, dangerous and defective consumer products cause injuries every day.

If you have been hurt by a defective product, call Kam, Ebersbach & Lewis, P.C. in Newnan, Georgia. Our Coweta County product liability attorneys will oversee your case, ensuring that you recover damages for injuries and losses.

Why Choose Kam, Ebersbach & Lewis, P.C.?

Our many satisfied clients choose Kam, Ebersbach & Lewis, P.C. to represent them for several good reasons.

  • Our Coweta County injury attorneys have more than 100 combined years of experience with a history of successfully handling a range of personal injury matters, including products liability claims.
  • We give dedicated attention to each of our clients, personally ensuring that their legal needs are met.
  • We operate on a contingency-fee basis – you don’t pay us any legal fees until we settle or win your case.

Why You Need a Product Liability Lawyer

Large corporations and their insurers are backed by teams of experienced lawyers. Insurance companies are often difficult to deal with and may seek to deny or minimize your claim.

Manufacturers and distributors should be held accountable for injuries caused by their defective and dangerous products. You need an experienced products liability attorney by your side to seek justice and pursue full and fair compensation for the injuries you have suffered.

What Is Products Liability?

Products liability is a type of personal injury claim in which a manufacturer or seller is held liable for placing a defective product into the hands of consumers. Generally speaking, the law requires that products meet the reasonable expectations of consumers. Products with unexpected defects and dangers that cause injury to consumers do not meet those expectations.

Types of Product Defects

To recover damages in a products liability claim, you must prove that the product that caused the injury was defective. There are three types of product defects that may give rise to a products liability claim:

  • Design defects: The design of the product is inherently unsafe, even before the manufacturing process is begun.
  • Manufacturing defects: Defects can occur in the process of manufacturing or assembling the product.
  • Marketing defects: This includes improper labeling, inadequate safety warnings, insufficient instructions, or any flaw in the way the product is marketed.

Who Is Liable?

Responsibility for a defective or dangerous product that causes injury lies with all sellers in the distribution chain. Potentially liable parties may include:

  • Product manufacturer
  • Component part manufacturer
  • The party that assembles or installs the product
  • Wholesaler
  • Retail store from which the consumer purchased the product

Damages in a Georgia Products Liability Claim

Under Georgia’s modified comparative negligence rules, you must be less than 50% at fault for your injuries to recover damages in a products liability claim. If you are found to be less than 50% at fault, your damages award will be reduced by the percentage of fault assigned to you. For example, if your award is $100,000 and you are found to be 10% at fault for your injuries, your award will be reduced to $90,000.

There is no cap on punitive damages, designed to punish the defendant for wrongdoing and to deter similar actions in the future. However, the state takes 75% of punitive damages awards in products liability cases.

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