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Careful Newnan Underage Drinking Lawyers Protect Your Record

Skilled Peachtree City underage drinking attorneys work to secure your clean slate

“We were just having a little fun.” “I’m only 19 years old.” “What can they really do to me?” All these defenses are of little help when charged with underage drinking. If you’ve been charged with drinking alcohol under the legal age of 21, you need an effective Newnan attorney from Kam, Ebersbach & Lewis P.C. to build a genuine legal case to fight the charges against you in court. We have represented clients throughout Georgia for nearly 20 years, and we can help you too.

The law in Georgia regarding underage drinking

It is illegal in Georgia for anyone under the age of 21 to possess alcoholic beverages. While you may think this charge can’t be much more than a slap on the wrist, in reality, it can have some serious consequences, including:

  • Suspension of your driving privileges
  • A black mark on your record, impeding your ability to seek certain jobs and apply to university programs
  • Court fines
  • Hours of community service
  • Attendance at Alcoholics Anonymous meetings

An underage drinking conviction in Newnan can trigger a 120-day license suspension. Even an underage drinking offense unrelated to driving may incur license suspension if the citation is reported to the Department of Driver Services.

How we can help

There are a number of ways to avoid a conviction for underage drinking. Our Newnan underage drinking lawyers help keep your record clean, preserving your ability to pursue future educational and employment opportunities. If you have been arrested, contact our Peachtree City DUI lawyers for assistance with getting your record expunged. Our attorneys have many years of experience fighting underage drinking charges. We use our extensive research and legal advocacy skills to find flaws in the prosecution’s case and possibly avoid a conviction. We can work to minimize your charge and thereby avoid much of the negative impact on your record. Throughout the process, our Newnan underage drinking attorneys listen to your concerns and keep you informed of your case’s progress.

Let our sensitive Newnan underage drinking lawyers safeguard your precious future

Your greatest achievements are ahead of you. Don’t let a mistake take you off the track for future educational and career success. Contact the attorneys of Kam, Ebersbach & Lewis P.C. online or call us at (770) 251-7100 for a free consultation about your underage drinking case. We serve clients throughout Coweta County, Peachtree City, Newnan, the Atlanta metro area and Georgia.