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Tips On Avoiding the Most Common Cause Of Motorcycle Accidents

Riding on a motorcycle through Georgia can be an exhilarating experience, particularly when the weather is nice. However, motorcycle accidents often result in severe injuries for both residents and visitors to Georgia alike. Here, we want to discuss some tips to help all motorcyclists in Georgia avoid the most common causes of these accidents. We want you to stay safe, and we think that these tips are a good place to start.

1.Cars Turning in Front of the Motorcycle

It is not uncommon for vehicle drivers to turn left in front of a motorcyclist at an intersection. In order to avoid this type of collision, a motorcyclist has to remain vigilant and be aware of their surroundings when approaching an intersection. Motorcyclists should look for signs that indicate that an individual is about to turn and either slow down, be ready to apply pressure to the brakes, or be ready to take evasive actions.

2. Hitting Gravel/Loose Items on a Blind Corner

When motorcyclists are going around corners, they may not be able to see a patch of the roadway where there is loose sand, gravel, or leaves. In order to avoid running your wheels over this type of environment, motorcyclists should follow the “Slow In, Fast Out” rule. Motorcyclists would be well advised to slowly enter a corner wide, increase their vision, and then pick up speed after they have safely gone around a corner and see that there is no danger.

3. Entering a Turn Too Fast

There may come a time when a motorcyclist goes around a corner too quickly, not realizing that the turn is sharper than they expected. The best way to avoid this type of incident is for a motorcyclist to take their time going around an unknown corner. Individual motorcycle riders should look at signs, telephone poles, and trees that help judge the road’s direction. Anytime a motorcyclist approaches an unknown turn, they should slow down and then speed up after they have safely maneuvered the motorcycle through the turn.

4. Rear-End Accidents

Rear-end accidents can occur if a motorcyclist is followed too closely by another motorist as well as when a motorcyclist follows another vehicle too closely. Motorcyclists should leave a few seconds’ worth of distance between themselves and any vehicles in front of them so that they can avoid any sudden braking by the vehicle in front. If a motorcyclist notices that they are being tailed by another vehicle, they should either change lanes to allow the vehicle to pass or pull off the side of the road and let the vehicle go in front.

5. Car Changes Lanes Into You

Anytime a motorcyclist is riding near other vehicles, it is important to avoid the other drivers’ blind spots. Motorcyclists have much less space on the roadway, and they fit much more easily into these blind spots. When at all possible, motorcyclists should never ride directly to the side of a vehicle. If a motorcyclist does have to pass another vehicle, they should do so by accelerating smoothly and getting in front of the other vehicle as safely as possible.