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Auto Accident

Georgia Car Accident Liability in 2024

Georgia drivers are required to maintain liability insurance. This type of car insurance provides protection for other drivers on the road with you if you cause an accident or other loss to them. Liability insurance requirements in Georgia for 2024 are meant to provide protection for others when accidents occur. Talk to a Newnan car... read more
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How Weather Can Affect Car Accidents in Georgia

Georgia weather can be unpredictable. From extreme heat to days of endless rain, it can seem like there is always a different season outside. Yet, weather itself is a risk factor in car accidents. In some situations, weather conditions will make it more challenging for a driver to operate their vehicle in a safe manner,... read more
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Georgia Car Accident Statistics in 2024

Car accidents happen everywhere, from the busy highways of I-75 and I-20 to the smaller roadways in each neighborhood and town. When a car accident occurs, multiple people are often hurt, suffering financial, physical, and emotional losses. A Newnan car accident lawyer at Kam, Ebersbach & Lewis, P.C., can assist with your case.  How Common... read more
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How To Drive Safely on Independence Day

Thoughts of Independence Day typically revolve around fireworks and food, but staying safe on July 4th is more challenging than it is on most other days. Whether dodging fireworks or negligent drivers, Independence Day brings challenges that we don’t deal with, typically in the form of heavy traffic and a more than likely chance that... read more
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Child Passenger Safety Laws in Georgia

Georgia law specifically addresses child safety inside vehicles, particularly the safety of those eight years of age and younger. Every state across the country recognizes the need to increase safety standards for children inside vehicles, and Georgia is no exception. Failure to remain compliant with child car seat laws in Georgia could result in a... read more
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