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Peachtree City Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Have you been seriously injured in a motorcycle collision? The Peachtree City motorcycle accident lawyers at Kam, Ebersbach & Lewis, P.C. can help if a negligent driver caused the accident. Our legal team will use its resources to demand a fair settlement or civil award on your behalf.

However, time is of the essence since civil deadlines limit your rights. Call Kam, Ebersbach & Lewis, P.C. for a Free Consultation at (770) 251-7100 or message us online. There are no attorneys’ fees until you win your Georgia motorcycle injury case.

We Represent Negligently Injured Riders

Our Peachtree City motorcycle accident lawyers understand that there is more than meets the eye in many personal injury claims. With an exhaustive investigation, we could reveal numerous causes of fault on behalf of the liable party.

Kam, Ebersbach & Lewis, P.C. will determine if you were injured by:

  • Other negligent drivers
  • Motorcycle defects
  • Defective road design
  • Other forms of negligence

We will analyze evidence, review the facts, and work with experts to reveal what happened at the accident scene. This information will allow us to hold liable parties accountable under Georgia law.

Motorcycle Accident Injury Victims Face Unique Challenges

Motorcyclists are more susceptible to bodily harm than other passenger vehicles. As such, there are unique challenges associated with motorcycle cases. It is also too easy for the other driver to allege that you were at fault somehow.

You are not powerless in this situation, nor do you have to accept their allegations. Kam, Ebersbach & Lewis, P.C. knows how to investigate motorcycle accidents to determine what happened on the day of your accident.

Georgia Personal Injury Laws Protect Compensation Rights

Part of our legal system was built on the belief that harming someone results in consequences. In motorcycle accident injury cases, the at-fault party’s consequences include restoring your life to as whole as possible with a settlement or civil award.

You could receive a full settlement per OCGA § 51-12-4 that pays for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Future medical costs
  • Lost income and benefits
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost enjoyment of life
  • And more

The outcome depends on several factors, including the statute of limitations per OGCA § 9-3-33. This two-year deadline could vary according to your circumstances. Discuss your case with Kam, Ebersbach & Lewis, P.C. to avoid missing this critical deadline.

Our Peachtree City Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Can Help

The insurer may allege that you caused some or all of your accident injuries. Accepting their assertions at face value could result in a settlement that is less than you need or deserve.

Hire our Peachtree City motorcycle accident lawyers to:

  • Work with experts to understand what happened
  • Preserve case evidence
  • Build a robust legal strategy
  • Manage paperwork and communications for you
  • Offer ongoing counsel and legal advice
  • Negotiate aggressively with insurers

Kam, Ebersbach & Lewis, P.C. will not hesitate to take your case to a civil trial if the insurer continues to violate your rights. You can count on us to stand by your side throughout the process.

Discuss Your Legal Options with Kam, Ebersbach & Lewis, P.C.

Our Peachtree City motorcycle accident lawyers want to get you answers. Call us today for a Free Consultation at (770) 251-7100 or via our contact form below. Kam, Ebersbach & Lewis, P.C. does not get paid until you win if you hire us.