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Hit By An Amazon Delivery Driver? Here’s What You Need To Know

Amazon is an online shopping giant. This company delivers an incredible amount of packages throughout the country each year, including right here in Georgia. However, as the popularity of Amazon has increased, so has the number of accidents involving Amazon delivery vehicles. Unfortunately, it can be complicated to recover compensation in these situations, and these complications often revolve around determining whether or not the driver is an employee or an independent contractor.

Amazon Flex – The Independent Contractors Delivering Your Packages

The vast majority of Amazon package deliveries occur either through the USPS or, more and more, through independent contractors operating under the Amazon FLEX program. The best way to describe the FLEX system is by considering these delivery drivers to be the Uber and Lyft of package delivery. These individuals do not work directly for Amazon. They are independent contractors who operate their own vehicles to deliver packages.

This means that Amazon FLEX delivery drivers typically have no additional driver training. According to information directly from Amazon’s website, we can see that FLEX drivers have to maintain the required insurance for delivering packages in their area. This is no more than the normal insurance required by every other driver in Georgia. In addition to a driver’s personal coverage, Amazon does provide delivery partners in Georgia with the Amazon Commercial Auto Insurance policy at no cost. This Insurance policy is designed to cover:

  • Auto liability coverage
  • Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage
  • Contingent comprehensive and collision coverage

This additional Amazon insurance will only be active if the driver maintains their personal insurance on their vehicle and is actively delivering during their delivery block.

Unfortunately, accidents involving Amazon delivery vehicles do occur. Just like any other driver on the roadway, Amazon delivery drivers can make mistakes. Some of the most common causes of Amazon delivery driver accidents include:

Establishing liability in the aftermath of an Amazon delivery driver accident can be challenging. It is crucial to involve the police in these incidents and to gather as much evidence as possible at the scene of the crash. Any person who sustains an injury in these cases must seek immediate medical care.

You Need to Work With an Attorney

If you or somebody you care about has been injured in an accident involving an Amazon delivery driver, you need to work with an attorney as soon as possible. These claims can become incredibly complicated, and it is crucial that you have an attorney by your side who has experience handling delivery driver vehicle accidents. A lawyer will use their resources to fully investigate every aspect of the claim, gather any evidence that can prove viability, and handle all communication with the Amazon driver’s insurance carrier.

If necessary, an attorney will prepare to file a civil personal injury claim on your behalf in the Georgia court system and take your case to trial to ensure you are treated fairly. It is crucial that you recover compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, property damage expenses, and pain and suffering damages. If you’ve been injured by an Amazon delivery driver, contact Kam, Ebersbach & Lewis today for a free consultation.