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What Happens When a Truck Driver Gets Into an Accident in Georgia?

Just like any other driver on the roadway, truck drivers must take various steps after any collision on the roadway. This includes collisions where they may have been at fault as well as incidents where another driver was at fault. The steps taken by all parties after an accident will certainly play a role when it comes to determining liability.

Truck Drivers Stay at the Scene

After a truck driver is involved in a vehicle accident, it is their responsibility to stay at the scene of the incident, no matter what they are carrying as cargo and no matter their deadlines. Even if the incident seems relatively minor, the incident must be reported to law enforcement, and the driver must uphold their obligation to exchange information with others involved.

Law Enforcement Must Come

There are very few exceptions to when law enforcement officials will not have to come to the scene of an accident in Georgia. When a collision occurs between a larger truck and smaller vehicles, law enforcement will need to come to the scene to conduct an investigation and fill out the accident report. Often, these incidents take up large portions of the roadway, so fire personnel may also need to come to the scene to control traffic.

Driver Will Exchange Information

The truck driver is responsible for exchanging information with the other driver(s) involved. If the scene is hostile or chaotic, the truck driver will give this information to the police officer, who will then relay copies of the information to others involved. The information the driver hands over should pertain to the truck company’s insurance carrier as well as the name of the trucking company.

Driver Will Notify Their Employer

A truck driver will almost certainly notify their employer of the incident very soon after it occurs. The trucking company may send out their own people to investigate the incident and assist the driver. In many cases, truck drivers in Georgia are also owner-operators, meaning that the driver is the owner of the truck.

Truck Driver Insurance Carrier Will be Contacted

The truck driver or the trucking company will contact their insurance carrier to notify them about the incident. Individuals and/or companies who operate these trucks have a responsibility to carry insurance policy limits above and beyond what typical drivers have. They need to notify their insurance carrier that a claim may be incoming, and their insurance carrier will likely begin their own investigation into the incident.

You Need to Speak to an Attorney

If you or somebody you care about has been injured due to the negligent actions of a truck driver or trucking company, you need to speak to a skilled Truck Accident Attorney as soon as possible. Do not rely on your insurance carrier or the trucking company’s insurance carrier to ensure that you are adequately compensated, no matter how nice they are to you. You deserve to have an advocate by your side who will fully investigate the incident and negotiate vigorously to recover total compensation for your losses.  Call us today at (770) 251-7100 for a free consultation.