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Staying Injury-Free on Super Bowl Sunday

Staying injury-free this coming Super Bowl Sunday doesn’t have to be a tough task. In fact, with proper planning, you can ensure your safety long before game day ever gets here. Here, we want to give some quick tips for keeping yourself, your family, and your friends safe this February 11, 2024.

The Alcohol – Watch the Drinking

Each year around the country, the rates of drunk driving accidents increase around major holidays. Typically, states around the country report an increase in DUI arrests and drunk driving collisions around New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, the 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. However, as we look at the days when drunk driving incidents increase, we encourage you to reframe your thinking around Super Bowl Sunday.

Super Bowl Sunday is like a holiday for many individuals around the US, and, as a result, people may end up consuming alcohol that day. We strongly encourage any individual planning a Super Bowl party to make designated driver arrangements beforehand. This can include setting up an actual designated driver from your friend or family group or making a decision to use rideshare services like Uber or Lyft on game day.

Even if you do not plan on getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol on Super Bowl Sunday, we still want you to remain aware of the fact that alcohol increases the risk that other types of injuries will occur as well, including those that occur when playing sports, roughhousing, setting off fireworks, and other potentially dangerous activities that come with game day.

Driving Safety, Even if You Haven’t Had a Drink

Even if you’ve made the decision not to drink on Super Bowl Sunday, we encourage you to remain aware of your surroundings if you do get behind the wheel that day. Even if you make a responsible choice not to drink and drive, that does not necessarily mean others will make the same choices. We know other people are going to drink and drive, which is why we want you to remain extra cautious. If you find yourself involved in an unfortunate event, reach out to our Newnan personal injury attorney to discuss the best legal course of action.

Keep an Eye on the Kids

If your Super Bowl activities are family-friendly, make sure to remain friendly to the younger family members. Make sure that younger kids have proper supervision at all times, which could mean supervision from a babysitter or another adult present at the get-together. Make sure that any individual(s) tasked with keeping an eye on the kids remain alcohol-free for the day so that everyone else can enjoy the festivities without wondering whether or not the children’s supervisor will wander off.

Keeping Pets Safe While Celebrating

Pets often get overlooked when it comes to Super Bowl Sunday planning. Yes, we know you probably think of your furry friends during major holidays, especially if there will be fireworks, but again, we want you to consider Super Bowl Sunday a holiday. If you are having Super Bowl events with pets present, make sure somebody keeps an eye on the furballs while the festivities are ongoing. It is not uncommon for pets to get spooked by so much unusual activity.