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10 Safety Tips for Pedestrians in Georgia

The importance of pedestrian safety cannot be overstated. Driver negligence, poor lighting, and dangerously designed roads often put pedestrians at risk of injury. Unfortunately, pedestrians cannot always rely on motorists to operate their vehicles in a manner that keeps them safe.

However, there are several things that pedestrians can do to minimize the risk of being struck.

1: Stay on the Sidewalks

Sidewalks are the safest place for pedestrians to walk. Whenever a sidewalk is available, you should always travel on it. If there is no sidewalk in the area, walk in the direction facing traffic and be as careful and alert as possible.

#2: Be Visible

Low visibility can lead to many pedestrian accidents. Avoid wearing dark clothes while walking at night. To stand out, wear light clothing with reflective materials if possible. If you are in a very dark area, carry a flashlight to alert passing vehicles to your presence.

#3: Put the Phone Away

Texting or scrolling the internet while walking can put pedestrians at risk of a collision. It is important to be as alert as possible so that you can avoid an accident. Avoid cell phone use completely while walking, especially when you are crossing the street.

#4: Avoid Alcohol and Drugs

Substances can impair pedestrians in the same way that they impair drivers. Drugs and alcohol can affect your ability to walk safely and react in time to hazards. If possible, never go for a walk while intoxicated.

#5: Be Cautious at Intersections

Many pedestrian accidents occur at intersections. When you approach one, be extra cautious. Always follow the appropriate pedestrian signals and look both ways before crossing.

#6: Be Careful at Driveways

You should also be careful while approaching driveways, alleys, parking lots, or any other place where a vehicle can drive out. Examine your surroundings for approaching vehicles and cross when it is safe.

#7: Never Assume That a Driver Can See You

Distracted driving is prevalent on Georgia roads, and it is very common for a driver to claim that he or she did not see a pedestrian before an accident. Never assume that a driver can see you and be aware of any vehicles that are in your area.

#8: Cross Streets at a Corner

It can be tempting to cross streets diagonally to save time, especially at night. However, walking into the road can put you at risk of an accident. Always cross streets at a corner.

#9: Use Crosswalks When Available

Crosswalks are the safest place for pedestrians to cross the street. Jaywalking can be extremely dangerous. Always use crosswalks when they are available.

#10: Walk in Well-Lit Areas

Avoid walking at night or in areas with poor lighting. Instead, stick to daytime strolls and follow paths with lots of streetlights.

Injured in a Georgia Pedestrian Accident? Speak to an Attorney

While these tips can help you stay safe, pedestrian accidents can still occur. If you are injured while walking in Georgia, you have the right to file an insurance claim or lawsuit against the person responsible for your accident.

In these situations, you need an attorney on your side who can represent your case and fight for your right to justice. Speak to a Georgia pedestrian accident lawyer as soon as possible to learn more about your legal options.