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Jonesboro Catastrophic Injury Lawyers

Catastrophic injuries are often the result of a preventable accident. If you were catastrophically injured by a negligent party, the Jonesboro catastrophic injury lawyers at Kam, Ebersbach & Lewis, P.C. will investigate your accident and hold liable parties accountable for your medical bills, lost wages, and mental anguish.

We have represented injury victims and their families throughout Georgia for more than 100 combined years. Our firm also brings knowledge, dedication, and compassion to every case while offering ongoing counsel, advice, and support through this most-challenging moment. You will walk away from the legal process knowing that you got the outcome you deserve if you choose to hire us.

Kam, Ebersbach & Lewis, P.C. welcomes you to call us for a Free Consultation at (770) 251-7100 or by messaging us here. It is an opportunity to learn more about your rights, and there are no attorneys’ fees until you win your catastrophic injury case if you hire our firm.

You Should Not Have to Pay for Catastrophic Injuries You Did Not Cause

Georgia civil laws protect catastrophically injured people when someone else causes their accident. If negligence played a role, you may be owed compensation for your losses.

Kam, Ebersbach & Lewis, P.C. will pursue negligent parties for an award that treats catastrophic injuries, including:

  • Amputations
  • Broken bones
  • Burn injuries
  • Coma
  • Compound fractures
  • Internal organ damage
  • Loss of senses
  • Paralysis
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBIs)
  • Wrongful death
  • Other catastrophic injuries

We will work with your medical providers to document your ongoing losses and reach a determination regarding your future. If your injuries cause future hardship, our Jonesboro catastrophic injury lawyers will account for those losses, too.

Our Jonesboro Catastrophic Injury Lawyers Understand Negotiating an Award

Negotiating a settlement or civil court award requires legal knowledge and a deep bench of legal resources. Our law firm can help you obtain what you are owed under the law while holding liable parties accountable.

Compensation that Kam, Ebersbach & Lewis, P.C. has recovered on behalf of past clients includes:

  • Past medical expenses
  • Future medical expenses
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Medical costs
  • Lost wages
  • Lost enjoyment of life
  • Lost future earnings
  • Pain and suffering
  • Other recoverable awards

If you suffer from negligence-related injuries, the Jonesboro catastrophic injury lawyers at Kam, Ebersbach & Lewis, P.C. want to help. We will get started on your case immediately while tracking deadlines on your behalf, including the two-year statute of limitations under OCGA § 9-3-33.

Put Our Experience to Work for Your Catastrophic Injury Claim

Kam, Ebersbach & Lewis, P.C. has represented those who suffer from catastrophic injuries through more than 100 years of combined experience. We use our knowledge, resources, and network to protect your rights and hold negligent drivers and companies accountable.

Our law firm will also deliver on the following legal services:

  • No initial consultation fees
  • Personalized attention and service
  • Handling all communications on your behalf
  • Work directly with your lawyer
  • No advance attorneys’ fees to secure help

We are also a team comprised of experienced trial lawyers. If the insurance company does not recognize the merit of your case, then Kam, Ebersbach & Lewis, P.C. will not hesitate to take them to trial if you decide that is best for your situation.

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